These conditions are in addition to what is stated in the basic agreement between the advertiser and the ICA. Film to store TV will be delivered both in portrait, 9:16, and landscape format, 16: 9 (depending on the purchased zone). Only one film per room, unless otherwise specified.

ICA has the right to charge a fee of SEK 5,000 for late filing of the material or when the film is not delivered in the correct format as above. If the movie length exceeds the length specified in the material specification of is also paid extra billing.

Cancellation must be made in writing no later than three months before the date of filing materials. For later cancellations the total amount for the booked advertising. ICA has the right to refuse ads on the content lacking in quality, contrary to the applicable laws and regulations or for editorial reasons. This right applies even if the ICA previously reviewed ad.

The advertiser is responsible for advertising complies with current marketing rules and the state from any participating people and rights holders has been obtained, for example, STIM / SAMI. The advertiser should keep ICA harmless for damages or costs related to this. When ICA (or production company hired by ICA) produces film for advertisers, to fall copyright ICA and the advertiser may use the film for in-store TV in accordance with the advertisement confirmation. Exemptions apply to so-called content movies where advertisers also given the right to use the film in its own channels.